Have you ever thought about what picture you would want to see of yourself on a “Missing Person” or “Person of Interest” poster?  Don’t think me morbid, it’s just another bizarre thought that recently popped into my head so I decided to share.

How different do YOU look without makeup? In this age of crime drama television it’s had to have crossed at least one person’s mind reading this.  Think about it, for whatever reason, your face displayed on a “storyboard.”  Would people say, “Whoa, scary!” or would they say, “She’s so well put together, it’s a shame she…(aaaaaand you fill in the blank).”

It came to me the other day, after washing my face, that IF I were to say, go missing, and IF my family had to post a picture in the media, I may never be found.  Honestly, I look that different without makeup!  And don’t even get me started on the, “I wish I hadn’t smiled so big,” snapshots - yikes!  Picture a 4x6 of nothing but flared nostrils and teeth.  Reality - I NEEEEED makeup and a good hairstyle, not to mention more control over my lip muscles!  I do not look at myself through rose colored glasses, it is what it is.  I should have taken out stock in the high-end popular makeup and hair care lines years ago - I could have been set for life.  Even as a young girl my mother used to joke about how if anyone snatched me in the dark of night, they would drop me at the first lamppost...I will allow you to come to your own conclusion about that one - God rest her soul, she had a twisted sense of humor too.  

I’ve had people say, “Oh don’t even - (Waving me away with their hand) -You’d be just as beautiful without makeup,” but then I watch as their eyes widen in horror and listen to the swift intake of air when they are witness to the reality!  So it got me to thinking, what image would I want out there for all to see?  What image best depicts who I am?  Is this a “chicken/egg” issue because I truly believe I could literally hide in plain site on the days I go “au naturale’,” so if I didn’t look exactly like the picture I could slip through the cracks.

A number of years ago I stopped into work on a day off without makeup and it wasn’t until I spoke that they knew who I was - true story!   And just a couple of months back, when returning home, one of my neighbors did a double take and gasped in surprise saying, “Oh my gosh!  You are be-a-utiful!!!”  I laughed and thanked her, then it hit me, she had never seen me “made up” because I rarely put myself together just schlepping about the house - sad really because it pretty much makes the “drop everything and go” concept a no go concept.  You see, I like to let my skin “breathe” when I can, wink wink, and yes, I am just that lazy. 

In closing I’d like to share a fun, true story:  When my daughters were still very young I used to get up around 4:30 - 5:00 a.m. to shower, get myself together and start breakfast, so as a result they rarely saw me sans makeup or my hair unkempt.  Well, one morning my youngest woke up before I could finish my face and get my hair out of curlers, so I peeked my head around the door into her bedroom and whispered “Good morning sunshine!”   As I approached her crib she stopped mid-babble and looking at me quizzically asked, “Mommy...are you playing monster today?”  Out of the mouths of babes, right?  To this day, 33 years later, my daughter and I still laugh about it.

It’s said that beauty comes from within and I totally agree, but I think it’s also  important to know when a little extra effort is needed on the outside.  So whereas I certainly hope my picture will never have to be put on public display, don’t say I didn’t warn you, plus who knows, maybe hiding in plain site will eventually work in my favor.

Gramma KareBear


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