I'm Not a Germaphobe, I Am Afraid of Illness

I'm one of those women (mother now) who doesn't use hand sanitizer or worry about germs while in public. I'm one of those women that doesn't wash their kids' hands every chance I get or wipe things down before letting Baby touch or play. If it hasn't been on a visibly nasty floor, then chances are I don't really care if Baby puts it in his mouth.

You might wonder why. The answer is simple really, though it may come as a shock to some. Some germs are good for you. This doesn't mean that spreading one's "nasty, sick" germs to others is the best thing to do. It simple mean that, the body cannot learn to fight/stave off illness if the introduction of germs is limited or eliminated. (Ok, one can't really eliminate germs, but you get my drift.) In other words, your body needs to know germs before it can fight germs. This is how immunity is built.

To that end, I do want to discuss my fear of illness. See, so I'm not a "germaphobe". Germs don't scare me.

In the past, I've called myself "something of a hypochondriac". I'd go to the doctor religiously every year and have all the tests run. I did this not because quite honestly, I was afraid something would be wrong and I wouldn't know it. I occasionally walked around thinking that something might be wrong, although there was no actual indication of any illness. And for the record, I very rarely get even a cold. I have turned a simple cold or headaches into a catastrophe at times, while completely ignoring them at others. (Yes, strange, I know.)

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