My Blog Is an Introvert, Just Like Me

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In that sense, I am just not a natural when it comes to selling myself. I don't always like to put myself out there like that. It makes me feel vulnerable and I've never liked asking people for help or favors. I want you to like my blog but I don't necessarily want to ask you. I'm stubborn. I want you to stumble upon it and make the decision on your own. Perhaps by osmosis.

I'm not the life of the party. I'm more of an understated introvert and I guess my blog is too.

I can't be more eloquent, funnier, craftier, more domestic, more fashionable, more this or more that then I am. It's too exhausting to try to be something I'm not. I can only be me.

Popularity is seductive. We all want to be liked. Being liked is validating. The more validated we become the more we want it. The less validated we are the more we want it. It's a natural desire, but I try to be conscious of not letting it determine how I feel about myself.

I have come to understand that not everybody is gonna like me even if I like them. Not everyone will want to read my blog even if I read theirs. And vice versa. A lot of people are not going to be interested in a single thing I have to say. It doesn't have to be personal. It's just life. We can only read so many blogs in a day anyways.

I can comment 'till the cows come home and some bloggers will never acknowledge my existence. Ever. And I am not a no-reply commenter. Again, trying not to take it personally.

There is no exact science to blogging or popularity. It's what you make it, and it's what you bring to the table as an individual. Some bloggers will write two words or post a picture and get a million comments, and the next person could post that same picture and get none. Some blogs employ all the tricks in the book to gain readers, and then there are others that don't have to or choose not to.

I realize that if I don't do certain things, I may never get noticed. If I don't throw a party I can't expect anyone to show up. If I don't coordinate my ideas, I can't expect a lot of people to know about them. There are many tools of the trade available for growing readership, but I haven't really utilized all of them. I can't seem to decide what feels right for me and my blog. I do a bit of self promotion here and there, but mostly I just take it as it comes. It's the so-called "organic approach," which basically means slow.

Then there is the business side of it all. Thinking too much about search optimization, page views, or how to "drive" traffic makes my brain hurt. Marketing what? It's too much like work and I don't think of this blog as a job.

Here are the blog stats in all their glory. It's not anything to brag about. Normally you see this stuff posted on the sponsor tab of a blog, but I don't have one of those, so I'm putting them here -- and after this, you are likely never to see them again. I have the lowest number of likes in the history of any Facebook page I have ever seen. I actually think it's kind of funny. I'm still not sure why I even bother with it. I don't pay that much attention to page views, but I've seen anywhere between 180-450 per day based on the Blogger dashboard numbers. Nowhere near the astronomical 8,000 per day page views that some get. My jaw about fell off my head when I saw that posted on someone's blog.

Maybe I should be embarrassed of these stats after four years of blogging, but I'm not. They're just numbers. I wish I felt the same about my weight.

GFC: 236

Bloglovin': 68

Feedburner: 8

Twitter: 105

Instagram: 63

Facebook: 7

Pinterest: 37

I try not to confuse popularity or followers with quality. It's really important for me to think about MY definition of blogger success. Whatever that means to me is what will dictate the direction of my blog and how I feel about myself as a blogger. Not everyone is cut out for blogger mogul status. Yes, you heard it here first; I've coined the phrase. It's very impressive how far some of them have taken their blogs, and I think that's great -- but not every blogger will get there.


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