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For me, it can't be about followers because if it is, then that means I'm a total fail -- and I refuse to believe that's the case. I just want to write. I'm working on a novel. I enjoy documenting my life so I can look back on it later in life and I've been doing so since I was nine. For me, it's about good writing and feeling good about what I'm putting out there. It's about consistency. I may not have a set blogging schedule, but for the most part, you know you won't go too long without having me pop up in your news feed.

I love the relationships that I've formed with other bloggers. It's about writing, engaging with other bloggers, and having a good time doing it. As long as I'm doing that, I'm good. I'm not going to sit here and say I don't want people to read my blog, or that I wouldn't be happy to have higher numbers. I wouldn't be on the internet if I didn't want anyone to read my work. Having higher numbers would be cool...but not having that doesn't make me enjoy blogging any less.

I may not be good at getting a lot of people to like me, but I am good at getting a few people to like me a lot. There are some really good blogs that not a whole lot of people are reading -- and I like to believe that one of them is mine. Not so much the whole "nobody is reading" thing, but that my blog is good.

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