I'm a right proper naughty geezer, my son!

When thinking of Cockney, think Andy Capp and Eliza Doolittle, with a cocky edge. I've enjoyed studying Cockney rhyming slang and accents to such a degree that my family is getting annoyed with me.Try it, it's addictive!

A translation of the most commonly used modern Cockney phrases:

Havin' me off = mocking me/joking
Bang out of order = Out of line. As in a judge banging a gavel. Bang! Out of order!
Cannister = head
Have that off you? Take that from you, as in "Do you think I'm gonna 'ave that off you?"
Geezer = One of us, from around here, one of our crowd
Proper naughty = bad ass
Dry slap = Backhand to the face. Must be accompanied by a back hand thrust.
Mug = fool
Mug me off = make a fool of me
Having a Turkish = having a laugh (at someone else's expense)
Ee's a right propa nawty moody geezer n ee's like to give yew a dry slap! = He's a bad ass from around here and he may backhand your face!
Muppet = idiot
My son = term to show one of lesser stature that you are in charge and they are child-like.
Do you know who you're messin' wif? = I am an important person and you should address me as such.

See examples of Cockney's in action here.



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