I'm a singer, artist, writer, cook and knitter... what are you?

I enjoy doing lots of things, but my passions or hobbies are few and close to my heart.

      For instance, I've been singing since the age of 2! My first song (and words for that matter!) were "oooh otawayta....oooh otawayta" (hahaha) haven't figured out what song that is? "Smooth Operator" by Sade! My mother said it was the first time she had ever heard me talk or even sing, not to mention that I was on key and in sync with the song! From then on I was a Prince, Beatles, Temptations and numerous other artists fan. I began singing in the church choir at six years old, and continued in various choirs through middle, high school and college years. Now that I'm done with schooling, I still sing in my present church's choir. I'm a first Soprano with a range far enough that I could sing baritone if needed. I've sung once for an outstanding crowd of 1800 people for our local minor league team the Dayton Dragons. That was after I auditioned (along with 900+ people) at the Dayton Mall while shoppers walked around or stopped and stared at goings on. It was probably one of the best things I ever did really; and it was for my grandmother. She just called me up one day and said get to the mall, you need to audition to sing for the baseball games! So that's how that happened. And like always, Nanan was right and I got in! I try not to do big things with my singing, I'm very shy to a point and get terrible jitters and stage fright. But on any given day, you could find me around my house or car, singing with my kids or just singing to myself. It's second nature and calms me. My mother said she could always tell when I was in a bad mood because my radio would be on at full blast but you couldn't hear anything from me. When I started to sing and turned the radio down she knew it was safe to enter. lol

     My second passion, is my art. This too was a talent that was developed at a very young age. My mother was a teacher and therefore could not help herself when it came to making sure I was ready for kindergarten at the age of 3! I could write and spell my own name, and other words too. But the kicker that people always found hard to believe was that I could also write in cursive! My mom told me it was easy to teach me that because I loved making swirls and loops. She thought it would be nice to see if I could pick up on it and I did. She began teaching me to draw people, animals, buildings; she would draw them and I would copy them on my own paper. They were very simplistic so I took to it easily. After that, anything that caught my eye or I liked whether real (people or things) or art itself, I drew from sight. But this, like my singing, I'm very shy about and don't let others in too often. Even when I did, I'd create something for them so nice my mom would scold me when I just "gave" it to them. I always do my best work for someone I care about, and occasionally would do things for myself. I don't draw too often, because there is this feeling that has to be present in me for me to truly do my best. I say "I have to FEEL it". If I don't feel it, it won't turn out right. Which, understandably is why my best work is for others.

     My writing is the same way. I have to "feel it". For ordinary things like writing essays in class, or poetry assignments I had not problem getting those things done quickly and done well. My teachers would comment that I had a way with words, or was a "chatty kathy" and they believed this was one of the things that made my writing so good. My poetry was sort of like my art but not. I could be anywhere and words would start swarming in my head about the scenery or something/one around me and I'd just reach for a pen and make art out of the situation. That too, was something I'd give away. Perfect strangers would have me, a shy girl/teen/woman, walking up to them handing them a poem or prose that I had written about them while studying them from afar. Once, while I was in college, I was sitting alone in a grassy field in the middle of the courtyard and saw a young man that LOOKED like art to me. I quickly drew a sketch of him and wrote the words that sprung to my mind as I watched him. I had to hurry because I was unsure if he would leave before I could finish. Fortunately, he didn't leave and I was able to (awkwardly) walk over to him, say something along the lines of, "I wrote this about you, er, it's nothing major, uh, just something I did" and walk away feeling silly. To my surprise, when I sat back down, he was reading it and smiling. About six minutes later, he came over to me and handed me a paper too. It was a short poem he had written about me (titled "Angel") and how there were "Angels to brighten our days". After that, he walked away and I never saw him again. It's things like that, things that help others, makes someone smile or feel good, that makes my talent worthwhile. Concerning my present however. I have not written many poems or even prose lately and it's all because of having to FEEL them! hahaha, it's backfired on me. With things as they are with my husband, I feel so many things (and mostly not great) that I can't even get the words out when I try. This blog writing is my first real attempt at making myself get used to writing again, or allowing the words to come forth freely (lol) and of their on will. Either it's working or I've become a rambler!

     Now, cooking!!!! This was an interesting thing for me to find out when I became a teenager and old enough to cook without setting the house on fire. I discovered that after umpteenth years of being kept out of my Nanan's kitchen (because I was so clumsy -broke things- or walked too heavy -made the cakes fall- and all thumbs) and my mom's kitchen too (lol) that I could actually cook. Not only could I cook but I had an awesome palate! I would sometimes walk in and see my mom making things but I'd never stick around long enough to learn the recipes. I found out later that I didn't need to. I kept the flavors in my head and had a rough idea of how I wanted the food to taste and feel (texture wise) so I'd just use common sense and my knowledge of physics and chemistry to cook. I started small and with typical things, like baked cinnamon apples, or hot wings. Eventually I made bigger things, fried pork chops, my first home made soup (broccoli and cheddar with rice)and developed a skill at making fluffy cupcakes that didn't stick to the paper! I wanted to go to Pennsylvania Culinary Arts school in Philadelphia and had a scholarship, but my mom insisted that I attend a 4yr University first (instead of her using money on a 16mth school) and when I graduate to MYSELF through culinary school. Well, needless to say, I have not gone and it's one of the most talked about moments of our past-- me giving up my passion to pursue a 4yr degree for my mom's sake-- yep, we talk about that from time to time lol. Anyway, I do a lot of cooking of course now that I am a housewife. I'm proud to say my skills are still growing. My greatest moment was cooking Thanksgiving for the first time EVER alone (with my husband) while eight months pregnant with my youngest son, in our new apartment. We had ALL the fixings, from the turkey that I put in a brine for 24hrs (thanks Martha Stewart!) to my husband's Hawaiian ham. We even served it on our China that was given to us as a wedding present from my Grandmommy. It was a great Holiday. I've added a few more soups to my repertoire and more cakes too. I still hope to open my restaurant one day, maybe if I win the lottery? :)

     Lastly, my new hobby -that is quickly developing into a passion- is knitting. My mother had tried on numerous occasions to teach me crochet. I just couldn't get the hang of it. I think maybe because my fingers were too fat, too long and I was too clumsy to try to do it slowly. I gave it up once and for all when a baby blanket I was crocheting for my oldest son turned in to some kind of loosely woven drapey thingy lol. Around a year ago, I purchased a little knit kit with a book and some small needles. I found tons of yarn at the thrift store (walked about with 3 trash bags full for only $5!!!! WOW!) Anyway, lol, I started practicing by making little things like scarves for the kids. One day I took it a bit further and knitted a burp cloth for my Pastor's newborn daughter, complete with embroidered "P" and slippers for the First Lady. After that I've knit slippers for every new mother plus a gift for the baby. My cousin received baby Ugg boots for her little girl, and my next pregnant friend is getting a baby Lapghan for her newborn. I'm in the middle of four projects right now, just so I don't get bored of any one thing or my eyes get to strained from knitting the ultra thin yarn I'm using on my daughter's shawl. My new joy came last night when I finally purchased a pair of 5mm circular needles to knit hats, only to find out (when I get home) that they are TOO long for knitting hats for people (29in) but great for lapghans lol We'll see what happens! I'm trying a hat on them anyway just because I am stubborn, but it will be knit back and forth instead of in the round.


So, this is who I am.... lol a lot of talking and typing this go round, hope you kept up! Indulge me! Tell me who YOU are! If you're a knitter I'd REALLY love to hear from you and any tips, latest projects, easy to knit things, whatever! That's all for me today, hope you enjoyed!

Love and Happiness, Forever and Always



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