I'm sleeping with another man...

Owen...of course!  With the convenience of having a spare bedroom in the house Owen and I have been  co-sleeping alone (sans daddy).  We decided this would be best for two reasons...firstly, Aaron really needs to be on his "A" game at work - starting a new job at an Ivy League school two months before having a baby has been challenging...and since we have decided I would get to be the stay at home mama I have taken on the night time baby drill and let him get as much sleep as possible.  Secondly, I have a hard time watching my hubby sleep so soundly through a rough night...call me crazy but I just want to kick him just so he wakes up and acknowledges that I am a 24 hour milk machine.  So, for now, this is what is working best for everyone.
my snuggle buddy 

Now I know I slept with Isabelle for a while but she quickly ended up in the pack n' play next to the bed instead of in the nook of my arm like Mr. Owen.  We also didn't have a spare bedroom at the time and if you have ever shared the bed with a child you know that no matter how small they are they seem to take up the entire space.  Isabelle was able to sleep for 3 hours or more at a time pretty early on (don't get me wrong we were still waking up 3-4 times nightly)...Owen on the other hand is up every 1-2 hours to nurse....which is totally fine....but for me I can't muster up the strength to get out of bed each time to rock him to sleep, ever so gently put him down, tip toe back to bed...only to wake up 15 minutes later.  Co-sleeping is the only option for me...and now that I am really doing it and sticking with it, it isn't just because it is convenient.  It is because I can be close to my baby, feel his warmth, smell his smell and that all makes me glow at 3 a.m.

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