I'm sorry..I was playing Words With Friends

This is what I have been saying lately, since discovering the Words with friends app on facebook. I never had the ability to play from my phone, and since playing on Facebook, I have, well lets just say, been slacking at life.

To my 5 year old, I'm sorry that I didn't make you dinner tonight, but I was playing Words with Friends.

To my husband, I'm sorry that I didn't do laundry this weekend and that you have no clean underwear, but I was playing Words with friends. 

To my boss, I'm so sorry I didn't get my paperwork done, but you know, (I wasn't playing words with friends), I was just very behind and overwhelmed.  Can't admit THAT to my boss, I'm no dummy!

What is about this game that got me so hooked? Who cares about spelling words that much, really? We hated doing this stuff in school. But there's just something about the challenge of creating a 60pt word and feeling victorious! However, I suck royally at this game, and all I ever smell is defeat.

So far I have only won 3 out of 10 games! But what gets me about this game, is that I have a feeling people cheat. Why not? Is it just that I can't believe I haven't won more, or is it true that they do? I mean, some of these words I've never heard of, and I am guilty of just placing tiles to see if they do make words, but how many people actually will google letter combinations I wonder? I can't do it, I feel that if I cheated I couldn't feel as victorious if I did actually win a game! But hmm, I can only take embarrasment so much that maybe cheating just once would be okay? Maybe? 


Well, I am hoping one day I will grow out of this WWF phase and get back to "normal" , but until then I will keep playing, keep getting beat, and keep sucking at life.

I gotta go now, It's my turn! 



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