I'm Too Sexy (and Premenstrual) for This Shirt: 10 Reasons to Hate the Tampon Halter

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Have you seen designer Walter Raes' latest creation? Raes is a one-man Project Runway-style designing-with-everyday-items challenge, and his newest work, Tampon Shirt, is what the Huffington Post calls "a period piece."

Looks like Raes ran out of funding before running this thing through a consumer product focus group. So I thought I would share with him some things I think he should know before continuing with a whole line of Tampon Apparel.

tampon shirt

Image Source:Walterworks.com

Top 10 Problems With the Tampon Shirt

1. Just so you know, "sanitary" is code for "no men have touched these and we really don't want men to touch our products, ever."

2. We can't recycle this halter, Walter. You are why we can't have nice climates.

3. Show me the Tide To-Go stick that can handle what a spaghetti dinner might do to this thing.

4. The Formula of Tampons is 1 box purchased = 2 pint of Ben & Jerry's consumed.vBy my count, you owe us quite a few rows of Chubby Hubby.

5. Rain. Imagine.

6. I liked Tampon Fashion better when it was funny. In Living Color, Walter.  1993!

7.Dude, your Tampon Halter looks like a yak, and as we learned with Ugg boots and Brad Pitt's beard, looking like a yak is not a good thing. (And pet owners + this thing? Oh. No.)

8.Hate to get all art theory on you, Walter, but tampons as a material is better left in the hands of artists who understand their symbolic context within contemporary feminism. See Mariana Castro de Ali. See also Vadis Turner. See yourself looking for some rayon the next time you want to make a shirt. Silk. Polyester even.

9. You don't see me making you look at my Condom Boxers creation, do you Mr. Raes?

10. Two words, one URL: Tampon Crafts.

Deb Rox blogs like a freaking butterfly and stings like a Tweet. She's too sexy for this shirt, too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan.


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