I'm Unemployed, Not Lazy

Why did I wake up at 7 am on a Saturday?  Well, I would have been up at this time anyway this morning as I was supposed to work 1/2 a day.  But since I was let go Friday night (last night) I guess I don't have to go in!  So at 7 am I awoke and got busy because unemployed does not mean lazy!

It is 3pm and so far today I've washed the dog's blankets, taken said pup for a walk, had a short workout, rearranged the bathroom and kitchen (Have you ever played musical cabinets?... this one to the bedroom, this one to bathroom and this one to the laundry room), vacuumed and plucked my eyebrows.  Why do I wait so long to pluck my eyebrows?!  I can't stop staring at them.  They are so cute; all manicured up and manageable!  No more 'old man eyebrows' for me!


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