Immunization Schedules Meet the Web - A Great Marriage of Health and Technology

Do you have children going to school in the fall and the schools have requested vaccination records?  I hear you sigh, if yes, and wondering where all those darn yellow cards are filed. If your filing is like mine, hopefully not, it may take you hours to find all the information for the school.  It may even take days if you have moved and switched physicians as often as I.  

I discovered a great application,, combining health and technology.  I have to admit, I do know the creators, but I honestly feel that this is a great application that every parent should at least try.  Once tried, I bet you will continue to use it.  It puts all of your family's immunization information into one place with easy and secure access online.  It is worth it.

I believe healthcare and technology are a great combination.  Today's technology will allow a broad audience of healthcare consumers access and track their healthcare information.  I feel it will provide a safe environment for consumers such that they will be better informed and show more interest in staying on top of their health.  


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