Change Yourself | 'Til Blog Do Us Part? (Room 6A)

Why do we applaud women for sharing the struggles of motherhood, but not the struggles of marriage? Blogging can have a dramatic impact on a personal relationship–good, bad, and ugly. Does writing about your marriage prevent you from dealing with the problems in your marriage–or does it encourage other people to seek help because they know they aren't alone? Do you become distanced from your spouse because of how much you share online, or do  you feel better because you've gotten to express yourself? Does blogging about your marriage replace expressing yourself to your spouse? And what do you do when you face separation or divorce? Not blogging about it can become the elephant in the blog, but talking about it can open you up to criticism–even if you protect the other person involved in your story. Join moderator Britt Reints to discuss our relationships and our blogs with Deesha Philyaw, Doug French, and Erin Mantz.