The Importance of Dependability.

Our babysitter is like family. We are so fortunate to have a mature, caring, and reliable babysitter. I need to give praise to her and the impact she makes on our lives. This weekend my weak ankle gave out, sprained, and a little fracture occurred. We need help. Our family and babysitter has stepped up. My poor husband was facing a household with 3 little ones, pets-a new kitten, and a headstrong wife. When called out to work, we were fortunate to pick up the phone and have our babysitter arrive within the hour. She was ready to take everyone outside to play, tend to their whims, and get them through the day with an ill Mommy on the couch. It takes a mature person to feel comfortable to come in and do what she did. It is difficult to find a decent babysitter. We have been very fortunate with ours. They are part of the family. Thank you to those selfless individuals who work with their hearts.

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