The Importance of Letting Kids Finish What they Started.

Finishing the Race


My kids recently participated in a triathlon.. They found out about it just a little over a week ago, but were super excited to go and Swim, Bike and Run. My daughter had run her first triathlon last summer, but this was a different course, and longer swimming than she had previously done by about three times.  My little guy  was eager to do his first triathlon at age 7.  Even though it was hot 90 plus degrees that morning , they were ready.  

My little guy had just finished two weeks of Swim lessons, he is not the strongest or most coordinated swimmer, and being a country kid he has not quite mastered his two wheel bike. But what is a good mom to do? Let him do the race even though he might not have the skills to compete? Because if I  never let him  try how will he succeed?
 It is important to let kids finish what they start. If he did not finish he would not feel as good about doing the triathlon. If he did not finish he might have learned that if things are not going his way he can quit.
In order for kids to finish sometimes they need to be encouraged despite their shortcoming or failures. It is okay to fail, as long as you get up and try again. Edison after having failed to make the light bulb work after 3,000 attempts did not stop, he just learned new ways of how not to succeed. Sometimes we have to let our children fail in order to succeed.
My son finished what he started to the cheers of everyone there. He did finish last but, boy to he finish strong. There were comments as to how fast he ran the course. (He did fly around it on foot)

Not only did my son finish, he ran water for his big sister and ran her into the finish line. Showing not only a good sport in finishing but a helpful spirit.