The Importance of Taking the Time to Do Reviews

It’s that time of year again. Time for turkeys, ham, stuffing, gravy, family toasts, tiffs over where the Christmas party will be held, and, of course, time for year-end reviews. As a mother of two, the word “review” firstly makes me think of the school reviews my husband and I sit through regarding how our boys are doing in elementary school. Though as a business owner, the word applies to my reviewing  employees. It’s an important thing to do, review, both in the school and office setting.

Here are three reasons to take your employee reviews seriously this year:

Reviews promote communication.

Being a boss, it is important to constantly remember the importance of communication. Though a year-end review is required communication, it’s something that can be taken to heart all year long. Instead of sitting down once a year with self filled out worksheets about strengths and weaknesses, keep up a daily communication with your employees about their goals and how they think they’re doing.

Grow your team.

Because of the nature of year-end reviews, because of the questions asked, year-end reviews provide some great self-reflection opportunities. It’s an opportunity for your team to think about the “bigger picture” in terms of your company, in ways that they normally wouldn’t. The result is gaining a more aware and newly inspired team!

Grow yourself.

In the same way that year-end reviews are inspiring to your employees, they can also be very inspiring to you as a boss! By reviewing your employees you are also reviewing yourself. Take what you’ve learned from them and yourself and use it to make the next year the best one yet! 


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