Important facts about exercise

  If I ask you right now, what is the reason you work out (or you would) what would be your answer?

            Better body?

            Muscles and improved looks?


            Of course, all of them good answers, true, and very important for our lives. But there is something more: the impact on our brain and psychology.

            Sports in general, when done usually, can bring to your nervous system a lot of  improvements.

irst of all, depending on the sport, it can be a great time to think and connect with yourself, which in itself is a great reason to workout. You can achieve this while running, swimming, power-walking, riding a bicycle, and so many more, you just have to choose a sport you enjoy and that 

relaxes you. Once the stress is gone, your mind and psychology will function much better and you will feel renewed and joyful.

Second of all,and even more important,working out can be also the way for you to become a better version of yourself. No, not only physically, intellectually and psychologically also.

Most probably you know that during exercise endorphins are released in the body and the effect on you is to make you less stressed, reduce your anxiety and finally more happy. :)

And, third, but not the least, is the fact that during exercise you can actually improve your brain activity. Your decision- making might improve, your ability to figure out solutions for different problems of your life might increase, and your overall thinking pattern might be improved due to exercise.

his impact of the sports on your life I think is one of the best kept secrets on this planet. Now you know it.

Maybe, just maybe, next time you will exercise you will take a moment and appreciate your work-out for what it is: a way to make your intellect stronger and improve your psychology,WHILE getting a better body! :)

Do like this :

Before you begin, take a deep breath and try to anticipate the benefits you will rip. Trust me, it will make the whole work out time a different experience. You can actually achieve so many things for your self in such little time! Put all your worries aside and don’t think about your current problems during your exercise time. You will see, that little by little the solutions and the better mood will come, and it will be because your body is energized and activated and not only in the muscle areas as you thought before !

If this is not the way to happiness, I don’t know what is!  :)

If you need more scientific details you can read here:


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