I have read many good reviews about this Japanese restaurant called Inatei, but have not had the chance to try it out, so about a week ago, I went to Inatei for lunch after my interview. I was craving for some really good sashimi and wanted to try their Toro, but the restaurant did not have Toro that day, so I ended up ordering salmon sashimi, crab meat sushi and Futo Maki to have a little sample of their sushi menu. After I placed my order, my eyes wondered around, mesmerized by the decor of this little restaurant. Inatei had a small, cozy "feel", with elegant decor. The restaurant had an earthy look and feel with a contemporary Japanese flare. The sushi bar acted as the focal point of the restaurant, it was situated in front of a warm gray, slate wall and chocolate brown shelves filled with bottles of Soy Sauce, Mirin and Sake. Soft light illuminated the chocolate brown benched booths covered with a soft cushioned back with a simple, contour flower Japanese motif.

After a short moment, my food arrived. The sashimi and sushi was just like art on a plate.

Salmon sashimi/ sushi & crab meat sushi


Every piece of fish, condiments and garnish was carefully placed on this dish. The salmon was sweet and fatty, completely melted in my mouth; the crab meat sushi was light and sweet; the Futo Maki however, was a bit disappointing. The maki roll was loose and a little sloppy (a little unexpected), the egg component was very bland, so basically, I would not recommend you to try the Futo Maki here.

Futo Maki

After I finished everything on the plate, a coffee pudding was brought to me as I asked for the bill. Oh boy oh boy, was this coffee pudding ever good! In fact, it was actually the star of the meal! It came in a tiny little shot glass on a small, round ceramic plate with a miniature spoon, almost like those found in a doll house.I was so excited by this presentation that I immediately grabbed my Blackberry to take a snap shot for you, but of course, just like the movies, my Blackberry was low on battery and I was not able to take a picture for you, apologies...Anyway, I picked up the  little spoon, scooped a small heap of pudding into my mouth and almost had an instant orgasm. The pudding was soooo silky smooth and aromatic! Coupled with the thin layer of coffee liquor on top of the pudding, it was almost like having little roasted coffee beans dancing on my tongue! The pudding was so good, I couldn't help myself but to give a little "hmmmmm" moan after every spoonful of pudding goodness. In fact, after my last spoonful, I shamelessly held the little shot glass to my lips and tried to suck the remaining pudding into my mouth. Unfortunately, my attempt to savor every bit of this pudding had failed, there were still bits of pudding here and there in the shot glass, I was so bitter. Since I sat in front of the sushi bar, I thought I really shouldn't be too barbaric and at least act like a lady in public. Hence I had to unwillingly give up the remaining coffee pudding. Booooo...


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