Inaugural Mama: How Michelle Obama could change Motherhood in America

On the day of President Obama’s inauguration, when everyone in
the world is eagerly anticipating stirring speeches and sparkly
dresses, I can’t stop thinking about the First children—Malia Ann and Sasha Obama. 

what I’m thinking: How can these two beautiful girls have a chance at
being happy and balanced adults given their prominent role in American
history?  After all, they’re the offspring of America’s first black
president, and it’s a big load to shoulder when you’re 8 and 10 years

I’ve been racking my brains for the past week trying to
figure out what these children need most in the coming years, and the
only answer I can stand behind is this: Their mother. 

conclusion goes against every grain in my feminist body.  I’ve been
taught to be a strong woman. An independent woman.  I’ve internalized
the notion that I can and should aspire to a successful career.  I
believe that women can be great and powerful leaders.  And still, what
I want Michelle Obama to accomplish in the next four years is to be a
great mother to Malia and Sasha.

Should I bite my tongue and join
the chorus of women who say that Michelle Obama can be as
transformative and effective in the White House as her husband? Should
I support her right to be anything she chooses—from doting mother to
the pioneer of policy reforms?

But the truth is that what I want
Michelle Obama to do in the White House is to be the “Mother of all
mamas.”  I want her show that world that American women don’t always
choose work over family.  I want her remind us that being present for
our children when they come home from school really counts.  I want her
to urge Malia and Sasha not to ride on the coattails of their family’s
success, but to struggle to figure out their own unique role in the

And most of all, I want her to explain that although their
father was elected President, we still have to work towards the day
when a woman holds that same title.

In short, I want Michelle
Obama to be a great parent.  Because we already know that she was a
great lawyer and could achieve success in the working world again.  But
for once, I want to see a woman in the White House who can do just
about anything, and still chooses to be a mother.


Taz Tagore 

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