Inception; Have we all lost our minds?

Christopher Nolan's movie, 'Inception' projects an engaging psychological approach to the human mind. After two hours and twenty-two minutes, I walked out of the theatre lost in another's reality. My conclusion to the overall concept of the plot? There is no plot. This is not your average story and there are three things that this movie provided me,1. The human mind is vast and complex 2. There is no reality without hope or 'dreams'. 3. As humans our internal drive is to create a 'homeostasis' which relieves us from pain and suffering. In addition to those, I also accept that it is okay to accept that I do not fully understand my own mind and what possibilities exist in creating purpose in my own existence. Therefore, it is okay to accept that I have no clue who the dreamer was and who's subconscious was targeted. The fact of the matter was as we went deeper and deeper into the subconscious to resolve issues or plant a seed of thought, memories and circumstances became apart of the active mind and not the subconscious. Did you get all that? This thought provoking movie causes one to be introspective on their own thought processes not necessarily the character's. We just relate in knowing that we all seek to alleviate feelings of guilt and regret. We all question our own motivation and drive. This movie is a must see for those who are open to questioning just that and can accept there are no answers only theories to the 'why' of our own existence. If this movie was a person it would be the young child asking, 'why' over and over again- We don't always know why because that is apart of living as we ourselves do not even understand the great depths of our own human mind yet. But, if anything we know we're still searching for the answer.


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