Incident With School Bus #103

On December 3rd, 2009, around 8 am I and my mother had an incident with a school bus driver for the Newport-Mesa Unified School District that proved the driver was reckless and putting lives at risk. When I returned home I searched the website but could not find a single place to file complaints about unsafe practices. So, finally, I chose one likely e-mail address, reported it to her, and waited for some sort of acknowledgment.

I'm still waiting.

Since apparently NMUSD isn't going to send so much as a "This will be reported to" e-mail, or even a "STFU" e-mail, I'm going to blog about it. Hopefully this will get their attention and get the driver the discipline she deserves.

Remember, NMUSD, I would NOT be blogging about this if YOU had just sent something back. Don't come crying lawsuit to me just because you don't wish to acknowledge a reckless bus driver.

Now I had bloodwork done that day. The fasting kind. So my mom took me out for breakfast at the IHOP on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa, CA. Behind it running parallel to Harbor is a small street that leads to Gisler. We were taking this street. I had the right of way and there is no stop sign until you reach Gisler. The bus was coming down a side street that joins Harbor to this street, the bus had a stop sign. The driver did NOT stop at the stop sign and was even going to run it. They finally hit the brakes after they were well past the stop sign. Making me swerve around it.

The bus, after turning right, was behind me. Now, in front of the stop sign I had to stop at once reaching Gisler there is a big "KEEP CLEAR" area. Since the freeway entrance was nearby cars were all the way to the lines. I could not turn without blocking the "keep clear." So I waited. They got a green light but traffic was heavy and I could not safely turn. I waited for traffic to clear.

The bus driver began honking at me, trying to force me to turn right - which would've put me in front of oncoming traffic - INCLUDING AN ON COMING SCHOOL BUS! If I had turned right when the bus driver tried to force me to do, there would have been an accident - namely my car being hit by another school bus.

So not only do we have a driver whom wishes to run stop signs, but tries to force other people to put themselves into car accidents just for her convenience. (And yes, it was a woman driver, sad to say. Thanks for helping affirm the stereotype that women are bad drivers, lady.)

This driver thought nothing about putting the lives and health of children at risk, not to mention the lives of everyone else on the road.

And yet, I have heard nothing back from NMUSD. Not a single thing. Like I said, their website has no place for complaints, especially about bus drivers. Just numbers to call for getting your kids picked up. Believe me, I searched and searched.

If your kids are part of NMUSD and ride school bus #103, I highly suggest you seek alternative transportation for them, since NMUS doesn't seem to be interested in unsafe drivers who put your kids - and even kids on other school buses - at risk.  

~Jami JoAnne Russell~


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