Incorporating Gen Yers into the Business World

Gen Yers, or Millennials, are taking the business world by storm, and you’re probably hiring them, realizing what fantastic new skills they possess and wondering how you can a) keep up with them and b) challenge them enough to stay on board!

From my experience, these are the things this generation is looking for in a work environment.

  • Flexibility. We’re talking hours and office
    spaces. Don’t restrict them to 8 to 5, if your business allows it. Let
    them work from home occasionally. Or hold off-site meetings to keep things
  • Creativity. Bring on the challenges. They crave
    it. Gen Y wants to show off their problem-solving skills. If they’re
    bored, you’ll be looking for a replacement soon.
  • Respect. This seems obvious, but many managers overlook them when it comes to strategy. Millennials want to share their ideas and opinions. I’m a big believer in inclusion. Make sure they know
    how they fit into the big picture and what they’re working toward. They’re
    very goal-oriented.
  • Professional Development. While Gen Xers are known for their company loyalty, Gen Yers are thinking of No. 1.
    If it’s not benefiting them and their future, they’re going elsewhere. If
    your budget allows, fund a professional membership in their field or send
    them to a must-see conference.
  • Feedback. Give constructive criticism. They’ve
    been getting it their whole lives from peers, mentors and parents, and
    it’s something they still desire. They don’t want to waste their time
    running in the wrong direction. Be up front with what you want and how
    they can improve.

These tech-savvy, competitive, resourceful professionals will play a major part in moving your business forward. Keep them engaged to keep them on board!

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