Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page [Examples]

I just returned home from a fantastic meeting with the marketing and communications folks for UCLA. While there, we briefly discussed two segments of Facebook Page fans: (1) Distant Observer and (2) Active Engaged. Since then, my head has been spinning about this topic. Lets talk about it.

Distant Observer - One who "Likes" your Page and doesn't engage in the form of comments, shares or likes. This also takes into consideration people who don't "Like" your Page (yet).

Active Engaged - One who "Likes" your Page and comments often, shares posts and likes. He or she may also tag your brand in their posts and/or photos. The question being how do you convert Distant Observer into Active Engaged? Think about the value proposition? Why should people engage with your Facebook Page? Are they getting something on our Facebook Page, they cannot get anyplace else? In a nut-shell, the Distant Observer must realize the value of becoming an Active Engaged. To help the Distant Observer realize the value of your Page, you must know what that value is and how to leverage it.

Ways to recognize your Facebook Page's value:

- You actively engage with your fans on a daily basis. Example from Yoplait

- You post breaking updates/news in real-time. Example from Fandango

- Your engagement is personalized (as much as possible). Example from Dell Computers

- You post a variety of content (i.e. teasers about upcoming updates to your website/blog, photos and video, you ask for feedback etc). Example from Oscar de la Renta and Gatorade

- You don't just talk about yourself. Example from

- You cross-promote. Example from Frontier Airlines

How to leverage your Facebook Page's value:

1. Put your Facebook Page on the "map" by promoting it.

- Website/blog - Business cards

- Tweet about it (aka cross-promote)

- Marketing collateral

- Email campaigns

2. Constantly be thinking of ways to make it better.

- Keep the header image relevant and up-to-date

- Add a landing tab and other custom tabs

- Integrate eCommerce (if applicable)

- Add a contact form

3. Contests and sweepstakes.

If you're interested in adding a contact form, integrating eCommerce and exploring custom tabs, I recommend checking out Appbistro. It's a great resource!


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