The Incredible Shrinking Me

Ok. Here it goes again. The New Year and diets!! AHHHHHHHH!! Well... this year I am serious and starting already. That's right, you heard me, and I am starting 4 days early. Can I hear a woot-woot! (My kids are already cringing). I started Arbonne's Protein shakes for 2 meal replacements a day. They are dairy and gluten free as well as soy free. They have the coveted pea protein that Dr. Oz has claimed as god-send!

How do I feel? This is day 2 and I feel good. I do not bloat or have incredible horrendous headaches as the other Protein shakes that I took by another company. Trust me they great tasted but the headaches were enough to make me say, no way! And the gas was very embarrassing. I won’t get into that too much. It is almost dinner. I will not name any names of this company. Don't ask because I won't tell you the name. Well, maybe if you ask I might give a hint.

My goal? 20 pounds off. That's it. Not too bad, but enough that I can finally fit in my clothes again!

My plan? 2 meal replacements a day, a sensible dinner, and 30 min a day exercise. I think I can do this plan!

Here is my journey for you to see and to read about.






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