Indian Lemon Chicken with Cilantro

I wanted Indian food tonight.  I love Indian food.  It is, without a
doubt, my favorite ethnic food.  I love it so much that I wanted to
learn how to cook it after years of gorging myself on Indian takeout
and curry buffets.  I did a lot of research on a good Indian cookbook
and one name kept popping up:  Madhur Jaffrey.  She is one of the
world’s bestselling Indian cookbook authors, so I went out and bought
her book “Indian Cooking.” Boy am I glad that I got it, too.  There are FANTASTIC recipes in this cookbook.

Tonight I cooked a dish called Hare masale wali murghi
which is a lemony chicken with cilantro.  LOTS of cilantro.  (If you
don’t like cilantro, you are as crazy as the people who don’t like Bleu
cheese.  You can’t change my mind on this.  If you dislike these two
things, you are looney toons.)  This is also a really easy dish to
make.  I had all of the ingredients on hand and I was able to have a
lovely dinner on my table in about 45 minutes.  Here’s the recipe, but
let me say again that if you love Indian food, you really should
consider buying this cookbook because it really is just awesome.  I
make homemade yogurt for my son because of this cookbook!


See the entire post at my food blog, Smell My Plate!


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