Indianapolis BlogHer Meetup

Hey Everyone! Thanks for joining our little Indy Online MeetUp! This will be my first year attending BlogHer so the only qualification I have for starting this group is that I WANTED INDIANA TO HAVE A GROUP DARN IT! And I'm a blogger, I guess that's a qualification too! So, in Pre Blogher meet up fashion, we’re going to have a little meet up before the main event. I hope you all can join! I propose that we do this bad boy on Wednesday, July 1st or Sunday, June 28th. “The meet-up will be open to bloggers attending BlogHer as well as non-attendees who aren't able to go to the conference but want to connect with area bloggers.  The meet up will be completely casual - an informal chance to meet other bloggers, talk about BlogHer and blogging and just have a little fun” (verbiage stolen from Greater Cincy Meet Up).

Stay tuned for more details on time and venue! Suggestions and invitations welcome! Please let me know if you plan on being there so I can find a place and time! See you soon!