Indifference is Where I Live...

Indifference is Where I Live (poem)

I don’t give a fuck

I’m sorry I do not

vulnerability is a liability

of which I want no part

emotions are muted

feelings are stunted

no longer give a damn

that mood has been blunted

cut short

power outage

my heart has blown a fuse

the night scape is dark

no longer available for abuse

the tears have been checked

no more left to be shed

the heart has been silenced

now I’m thinking with my head

it is too through with bullshit

tired of the lies

to be honest this detachment

comes as no surprise

only a matter of time

before I completely unplugged

don’t want to be touched

not affected by the hug

I look at you from a distance

even though you’re right there

I move further from you

even as you draw near

my tears have been burned away

in an inferno of fury

nothing is left but spent emotions

im tired of being weary

no more fight in my spirit

no more damns left to give

my soul has moved on

indifference is where I now live…

broken beyond repair

This poem © MoodyMommi Published Dec 17, 2012

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