indirect critisism- how i became silent for a month.

Since my last post I have been very quiet. I have commented only hesitantly where before I did so freely and without fear. I have been learning to deal with criticism.

After having a post featured I was rather proud of myself and quite happily penned what I thought was another well balanced and fairly inoffensive post. . I completed drafts and an edit and even had my husband read it.
And despite having had a rather large amount of traffic on my blog recently I didn’t really expect any comments. So when I logged in to find I did indeed have a comment I was excited. Upon opening I became confused. Right down the bottom of my page in the twitter section was one little comment...which didn’t really seem to be directed at me. And yet it somewhat applied to me all the same.   “@BlogHerMoms Do you read the posts you tweet?”

Now I’m going to state right here I do not have twitter and I don’t really understand how it works. So after a large amount of Google I managed to work out my new post had been linked on the blogher twitter feed* (*is that right) and someone seemed to have objected to this.
What completely perplexed me was that this anonymous person seems to have some sort of issue with my article but has not for some reason decided to comment on it directly. And yet their somewhat derisive comment still managed to appear on my post.
So here I am at 10 pm on a normal weekday night trying desperately to decode this response and failing.  This was roughly month ago.

I have not posted since. When I started my blog I was prepared for direct criticism. But not for this somehow backwards kind. And as in the last month although my profile informs me it has had over 400 reads no one else is yet to comment. So this whole time I have been sitting in my perplexity. Pondering whether I really am cut out for this blogging thing. And finally I have decided to hell with it. I am.

And so I am writing. Hoping that maybe someday someone will be able to explain to me and show me a way out of my confusion over the aforementioned comment. Or maybe just comment on the actual post so I can finally find out if there really is something wrong with it.

At the end of the day the main question I have is “is it time that I worked out how twitter works?”


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