Indonesia's (sort of) got (some of) their act together for nursing mothers.

Indonesia has just passed a new law stating that all babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life, and that anyone standing in the way of such will be heavily fined. Link

In theory, this sounds like a grand idea, but some things might not match up.

For instance, one of the first things to jump out at me in this article is that Indonesia does not seem to be extending its policy of 3 months of paid maternity leave to 6 months.

Wait -- did you just say that Indonesian women get THREE PAID MONTHS of maternity leave?? 

Yes, yes I did.

Because here in the first world, we are apparently so awesome that women should just feel lucky that we get to keep our jobs! Wooooooo.

Maybe our workplaces do a better job of ensuring that we have the resources to do things like pump and store our breastmilk, on the likes of which Indonesia seems to be working. My first thought with regards to Indonesia's compliance was "fat chance." But, then I remembered that they managed to get their %&* together to offer women three paid months of maternity leave, so maybe they will do okay with getting the resources together for nursing mothers.

And, should the Indonesian government fine themselves for getting in the way of women exclusively breastfeeding for six months if they are not willing to extend paid maternity leave to a woman whose employer does not offer them resources to continue nursing? Because that really sounds like an infringement all on its own.

Full disclosure: I do not have children - I do not even know if I'm planning on ever having children. But that shouldn't mean that I don't care if American women can't have children without the peace of mind of relative financial security (is there such a thing as financial security after you have children?? :D).


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