Indoor Herb Garden

Hands up who is looking forward to Summer? How about preparing for those long hazy days by making your own herb garden? Surely, it can’t be too long now before we can shed some layers, tuck into some delicious salads and sip a cooling Pimms or two?
Indoor Herb Garden Tutorial by Sprout's House

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5x different herbs either potted or packets of seeds – I used coriander, basil, flat-leaf parsley, thyme and rosemary
1x wicker herb wheel
1x small bag of soil or just use some from your garden!
Time: 20 minutes

Indoor Herb Garden Tutorial by Sprout's House

Option 1 – Instant Herb Garden

Take the herb wheel and arrange your herb pots around the outside. As you arrange the pots think about how your herb garden will eventually look – take into account the height, texture, density and leaf shape of each of the plants. Once you’re happy, start with largest herb, remove its pot and very gently tease the roots out a little bit to encourage them to spread out once they are planted. Then place the plant into the herb wheel. Repeat with the other 4 plants ensuring that they are evenly spaced out. Fill in the gaps with the extra soil and gently pat down. Water the plants and leave to bed in for a day.
Indoor Herb Garden Tutorial by Sprout's House

Option 2 – Less Instant Herb Garden (4-6 weeks)

Fill the herb wheel about three quarters full with soil. Taking each packet in turn sprinkle a small handful of seeds in the soil. Again ensure your plants are evenly spaced. Once all the seeds are sown, top up the herb wheel with some more soil to cover the seeds and gently press down. Water and cover with cling film so the soil retains its moisture. Place in a sunny spot and water if needed. When the seedlings start to emerge remove the cling film and continue to water as needed. Although this option takes longer to produce results, it would be a great project to do with kids. They could be in charge of watering and measuring the plants growth, as well as keeping a log of which herb is growing the fastest.

Indoor Herb Garden Tutorial by Sprout's House
We enjoyed the first taste of our herbs for Easter lunch. I cut a small selection from each plant, finely chopped them and forked them into some couscous along with a drizzle of olive oil. Delicious!

Who's got some great salad recipes? Drop me a line below and let me know how you get on with making your own Herb Gardens!
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