Infinite Starts Now

"We are infinite!", She screamed, raising her hands in the air as if she were gliding on the downhill rails of the worlds most thrilling coaster. The feeling of possibility exactly like that of ones stomach trying to sprout wings and fly to the heavens.

"Are we? Really? Are we infinite or are we stifled, limited and constrained?" Said Other She.

She stopped to think, " IS easier to be told what we are capable of instead of discovering it for ourselves. It's the path of least resistance, after all...and well traveled - I'll never be alone." She lowered her arms, the thrill of just being and doing diminished by the reality of human defined 'possible' and 'probable'.

"Right!", said Other She. "Failing is hard and it stings. Pride can only be found in feeling the ceiling beneath your toes."

"But," said She, "how does the ceiling support itself without the floor? Isn't the base of the ladder crucial in enabling the traveler to climb to the top? How does anything begin without a beginning?"

Other she just shrugged, "There are rules, you know. Don't think outside of what you are taught, it's rude."

"But," said She, "who makes these "rules"?"

"Does it matter?", said Other she.

"Well...yes", said She, "it matters a lot. My infinite belongs to me, exclusively. It's mine. No one has the right to define my limits but me."

Other she smirked, "You'll learn. Life isn't all coasters and thrills. Stick to what you know. Rules are rules."

She just smiled and nodded, because she knew that in order to soar above the mountain top you have to first stand in its shadow.


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