Informal Weddings – Fun and Fabulous!

Wedding blogs and glossy wedding magazines will try to make you believe that nearly every wedding is an over the top affair, expertly planned down to the last detail by a celebrity wedding planner in a chic museum or meadow full of blooming lavender.  Yes, those weddings are amazing and gorgeous, but in reality not every couple can afford such an extravagant event.  It is absolutely fine to have an informal wedding and then throw a fun party for your wedding reception if that’s your style and budget!  Here are a few ideas to help turn your ideas into reality.

A wedding should do more than celebrate the love you have for each other.  It should celebrate you as a couple.  What are the things that make you two a wonderful and unique couple?  If you are a laid back couple who enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends, you should embrace that theme for your wedding.  Why not plan a backyard wedding?  String up some lights, set up some tables and celebrate in the backyard of the house where you grew up.  Nothing could be as touching and sentimental – or as fun! 

Rustic chic is another popular wedding trend right now as well.  If you and your fiancé like the rustic look, perhaps you can find an old barn to use for your wedding reception.  Hay bales placed around the barn make for great seating and conversation areas.  Long wooden tables with benches are perfect for a family style dinner.

Speaking of food, no one ever said wedding reception food had to be fancy.  Why not throw an old fashioned barbecue? If you happen to live on the coast, what about a clam bake?  If you love Mexican food, offer your guests a build-you-own-taco bar with all the fixings.  Or, offer picnic food, such as fried chicken, potato salad and watermelon.  For dessert, have your guests make their own ice cream sundaes.  All of these options are informal and fun!

To throw a real old-fashioned party you need good music.  Some couples create their own playlists on their iPods.  However, nothing gets a party going like a DJ or a live wedding band.  If you happen to come from a traditional Scottish family, why not hire a Scottish wedding band?  In between sets of their regular wedding music, many bands will play traditional Ceilidh music and teach guests the dances.  Now that’s a party!

Whatever type of wedding and reception you decide to have, just remember that it’s your day and you only get to do it once.  Make sure you have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of that celebrates your love and the amazing couple you are!

Yvone Kon
Inspiration and ideas for weddings, parties & holidays.

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