Infuse the FUN

A few years ago I was working at an organization and an HR consultant asked me how I would like to describe my future role within my department. I simply stated, "I'd like to be the fun-infuser".



The consultant was taken-aback for a second, but then smiled. Much to my delight, he stated that the role of a fun-infuser was definitely needed within the company. Didn't I know it? I was tired of all of the staff members focusing solely on strategies, clients, and procedures and leaving out laughter, camaraderie and JOY. It had been a particularly sticky year for the company in terms of morale and I felt deep in my heart that we could all use some "lightening-up" and some FUN!!!



Most of us tend to leave out the aspect of FUN from our daily goals--and perhaps even from our life goals! Where in all of the planning, preparing, worrying, redrafting, executing and evaluating is FUN supposed to fit?






FUN can be infused into tasks, activities and goals of all shapes and sizes. There is enough room in our day for fun and, in fact, a robust level of wellness depends on it.



Infusing a little FUN in to each day can:


  1. Ease our stress
  2. Make us physically age slower (yay!)
  3. Get us out of a "rut cycle"
  4. Make us more attractive to friends, family and strangers (who doesn't want to hang with a FUN-infuser?)
  5. Decrease our blood-pressure, thus lowering our risks of heart problems
  6. Help us to spread JOY to others
  7. Make us more creative and thus better prepared for our days, activities and goals


So, how to infuse a little FUN into your day? Well, that's up to you, but here are some things that have helped me out:


Play an innocent (make sure it's nice/appropriate!!!) prank on a coworker


Call a friend during your lunch break and have a big belly laugh


Suggest a board game break at work with friends or at home with your family


Have dessert for dinner


Snuggle with your favorite pet


Post a funny joke or quote on Facebook



I want to know your list! How do you infuse the FUN into your life? Let's get a list going and help spread some JOY to each other!!!

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