A Seasonal Cocktail: The Kumquat Summer Tease

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[Editor's Note: Kumquats are such a funny little fruit: a little sweet, a little bitter, and eatable by the handful. Here, Pamela of My Man's Belly uses them to infuse vodka, then makes some cucumber jam (perfect when your house is overrun by fresh garden cucumbers, or when they're super-cheap at the farmers market), and uses both in an inventive and refreshing cocktail. I'm definitely going to give this a try this summer! --Genie]

Infused Vodka Recipes: The Kumquat Summer Tease

I didn’t realize that kumquats were a Russian fruit. But since I love those cute little citrus bombs and there aren’t many kumquat recipes out there beyond caramelizing them or turning them into marmalade, I thought I’d throw a new-ish little recipe into the kumquat’s repertoire.


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Image Credit: My Man's Belly, used by permission.

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