Initiative and a Poet's Soul

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Poetry is that red-headed step-child of literary writing that elicits a groan from some and sighs of forbidden pleasure from others. It leaps forward with intent, marches to its own drummer, and weasles its way into a child's heart with early read-aloud books that stimulate thought, perception, and wonder.

The world would not be the same without the ebb and flow of verse. It breathes life into stagnant pools of reality with its wanderlust into subject and form. Its very nature screams individuality and lack of structure, all the while hand-cuffing itself to the likes of convention and public opinion. It attempts to explain us to ourselves with images drawn from shared memories of emotional history.

Within each of us lies the dormant poet, slumbering, until an alarm as individual as fingerprints sounds in its ear, waking the need to express hidden thoughts that fill corners and recesses of the mind. Neurons fire, emitting sparks of language. Chemicals communicate with each other amid folds of gray matter, seeking release at the fingertips.

Once released, surges continue inside that tender organ of thought, always demanding to be shared, if only with silent paper and dusty shelves.

Robert Brewer's Poetic Asides blog and many other websites, libraries, and schools will celebrate this form of communication this month. Join in the fun. Drop by Claudsy's Blog at  

You can see how one poet plays with the Poem-A-Day Challenge and perhaps learn to appreciate those who don't write like Shakespeare or Homer.

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