Injured Bird

We found this guy right outside our front door, well a few feet away. His left wing has been injured. Thanks to our neighbor who is a biologist we got him in a Box. There was a stealthy drop of a bath towel over him and she scooped him up.


On her suggestion I got the box into our screened in patio and used another towel to block him from jumping out. With the use of a cup of water and a Q-Tip I helped him drink. It was a really cool experience actually. It took him almost no time at all to figure out what I was doing and he actually would reach up to get the water.

I took him to Breeze Animal Hospital where they will check him over and then get him toKritterInc which is a wild life sanctuary. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to a Blue Jay and it was a pretty cool experience. I don’t know if he is going to make it or not, but at least I know that if he can’t be saved they will put him down humanely. He doesn’t have to get killed by one of the feral cats, or eaten alive by the ants in the area.

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