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Injury Legal Solutions Marketing

Injury Legal Solutions’ Management Team boasts a combined total of more
than 50 years of experience in the advertising industry. We’ve
perfected the art of direct-response advertising for more than 20
years, with successful campaigns for attorneys and doctors in more than
35 television markets throughout the United States.

Injury Legal Solutions - Major Accidents

EFFECTIVE CALL PROCESSING. Once consumers call 877-ILS-4LAW,
professionally-trained operators gather basic information about each
case (i.e. when the accident happened, whether the consumer has
insurance, has the consumer talked to an attorney, does the consumer
have a police report, did the consumer go to the hospital, etc.). The
operator then enters this information into a computer system, which
searches for the next attorney on rotation who fits the category or sub
category given. Because the system – not the operator -- picks the next
attorney, ILS members never have to worry about “cherry picking” cases.
Once the system selects an attorney, the operator places the consumer
on hold, calls the attorney and relates the information collected. The
operator then brings the consumer online, introduces the two parties
and leaves the line, allowing the ILS member to set an appointment with
the consumer. Our computer system ensures that each ILS member receives
only the types of calls specified. For instance, if an ILS member does
not handle slip and fall cases, he will never get a slip and fall call.
This gives ILS members a higher sign-up ratio than any other program
and limits the amount of “junk calls.”

Injury Legal Solutions Campaign

About Injury Legal Solutions: The commercial is for sample
purposes ONLY and does not represent the actual commercial that will
run in your market. Each state has its own guidelines, which govern
attorney advertising and dictate the information that must accompany
the advertisements. Injury Legal Solutions carefully reviews each
state's guidelines and includes all required information as part of its

Injury Legal Solutions

Injury Legal Solutions - A proven System

Injury Legal Solutions Money-Back Guarantee

Skeptics may ask, “What good is a money-back guarantee if the
company is out of business?” ILS is well aware of this concern. That’s
why we have fully insured our operations for a minimum of three years.
This means that Injury Legal Solutions is guaranteed to be in business
for the next 36 months – whether or not we obtain any new members.
Since your money-back guarantee runs for only 18 months, you can rest
assure that your money is completely safe with ILS.

Contact Injury Legal Solutions

Injury Legal Solutions News: Please take a moment to review this
web site and learn more about the unique benefits offered through
Injury Legal Solutions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
contact us at 626-331-2391. Thank you for your consideration, and we
look forward to working with you very soon!

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