The Innocent

I was over at Writing, Wishing (one of my favorite blogs) and her post today really struck a chord with me.

Alison's post is entitled "Intrinsic Goodness" and is about the goodness within us that exists clearly as children and just seems to get sucked out of us as we grow up in this world.  This post literally made me cry.

I've been thinking alot about this topic lately as I watch my children grow and I fear the effects of bullying at school or just mean statements by friends and peers.

My five year old is a very sensitive kid, who just wants things to be HIS way.  He has a very difficult time understanding that it is OK if someone wants to do things a little differently than he does.  My hubs and I joke that Nayner Bug is a future "Sheldon" from one of our favorite shows "The Big Bang Theory."  Bazinga!

The other afternoon I was watching/listening to him play in the back yard with some friends and I couldn't help but be saddened as I heard the other boys make fun of him for whining. I hate the thought of him being the kid that others pick on... He is such a sweet boy who still loves his mamas hugs and kisses, dotes on his little sisters, and just wants to feel appreciated.  I am afraid that other peoples' mean spiritidness will steal that.

Especially as I watched the other boys wrestling hard with him, and then I heard them say "Now don't cry Nayner Bug.  You always cry!"

I wanted to run out there and scream at those boys, but I knew that would do no good in the long run.  I know that he has to learn through experiences, and this is his lesson that the other kids do not like a cry baby.  I would rather him learn this at five than ten years old.

But it still hurts.

And returns me to the deepest part of my soul where rejection, unkind words, and mean spirited children and people left invisible, but very palpable, wounds on my heart.

I want my sweet boy to keep that intrinsic goodness... I want him to be a kind person, but still be able to hang with the boys.  I don't want to watch the innocence fade...


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