An Innocent Comment (Or How to Impact a Child)

Lots of family time this past week with birthday parties and Thanksgiving gatherings included seeing some people we don't get to see often and some we're still getting to know, some I miss and others I'm glad to see only once a year if that. 

I was reminded this week that some people say thingsinnocently without thinking of the company they are around. Others don't say things that should be said to mend injured hearts. Some make comments that may leave permanent scars. I honestly don't think any of these were meant to hurt or their impact even realized.

Simple comments of seeming unimportance can demean and break someone's already low self-esteem. A young man has been through a lot this school year with a bully, culminating in parents trying to build up his self esteem. A seemingly innocent comment was made and his whole countenance dropped while his body slouched onto the couch and leaned up against his dad in a deflated manner. (The person making this comment had no idea of the recent turmoil in this boys life.) ...the power of an 'innocent' comment.

Words and sayings more appropriate for adults left lips with hardly a thought of the very little ones present, earnestly soaking up new vocabulary which has already been disapproved of by this parent ...the power of an 'innocent' comment.

It is so easy for words to leave an impression, both good and bad, on adults, on future or current employers...or on kids.

Don't get me wrong, I had a fabulous time with friends and family and wouldn't have missed any of it, but maybe I would have changed just a couple of things. 

I know for myself I will try to be a little more vigilant about words coming from my parted lips, around both adults and children. Words can definitely impact a child, but I will try hard to use them to build them up.

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