Innovative Regulating ?????

Wow !!

Innovative Regulating, really, sounds good if the very ones ( Public Officials) that regulate "Privacy Laws" are not making exceptions for their own benefit !

I should hope, that if a public official, bank official, or educational institution official, cannot gain profits for whatever reason off the American people.   Should it be possible, that the State that you live in, "claims" privacy and not uphold it ?

With "out-dated, chaotic databases, that collect data, that says it "purged" or "deleted" and no matter how long its been, want to continue to hold on to it. With public officials, that are appointed to office, and to "Big" Oil companies and to "Large" educational institutions using that information.

Is there exceptions, for them, when it comes to privacy ? Should you not , up-holding the very laws placed in legislation ???? I am at a point, to want to know, if this is really personal, directed towards me  ?? I do not know, this person personally ????

Also, regarding  "telecommunication" should also be one of the primary focus.  I remenber, in the late 90's and up to 2008. I had a idea, for working with  patents and wanted to start my own home business, so I got a business and a personal line.  I was doing "trading" on that business line. But, because I was unable to generate enough business, I closed the business account and kept the one of the lines. 

For some odd reason, that line, was still attached or connected to the second line.   In 2007, wire-transfers  took place without my doing via remote access on my labtop. 

But for whatever, reason, when the market is open, trading is still attempting to take place on that very line.  How could that be, if the line has been "recycled' to another business ???

I have to leave the very system I pay for each month Un-Plugged !!!!!

So, tell, me what does it take to regulated this type of problem that is still persistent and ongoing ?

Final thoughts are this: Regulate Fairness, not Un-Fairness !!!

Banks, are not too big to Fail !

Utitilty Companies, should protect their customer's privacy !

Also, Educational Institutions, should not make financial transactions, or make deals with their Affilates who sit on their board of directors !!!



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