Insane carved coral and diamond ring.

This ring is nuts. It looks like a fairy tale character ran afoul of the wrong witch and ended up imprisoned in coral for eternity. I love it.


It would be like having a friend on your finger! A really awesome, probably cantankerous friend with fearsome eyebrows. My friends at Lang refer to this ring as "distinguished and mysterious" and "beautifully bizarre." My favorite part is how he's not looking straight out - he's peering to the side, as if to say, "Hey, what's going on over there?" or "Really, those are your life choices?"

This piece is Italian and is an antique. You have to wonder what the artist's original inspiration was. The ring is 1.5 inches long and features a gnarled gentleman carved from red coral, who is giving you a sideways look out of his white gold and diamond frame.

The white gold frame is set with 52 rose-cut diamonds for a total diamond weight of .50 carats. The bezel, the ring shank and undergallery are all 18 karat yellow gold.


I would hold him up to people's faces and make him say things in an old man voice. He would be my finger Gandalf. Better: my finger Dumbledore. Or maybe this is Merlin's true fate? How many old wizards can I reference in one post?

This ring is currently for sale at Lang Antiques. All images and info are thanks to Lang. If you buy this ring, please tell me so that I can marvel at how cool you are.

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