Inspirational Sunday Week 3

Holiday stress is in full swing. The blog posts are flying about HOW NOT TO BE STRESSED! Well, we are NOT succeeding. Each year, we start earlier and earlier. I don’t know about you, but THAT IS NOT getting better. Meaning, this only gets the stress going sooner. I see women whine and whine and whine. Here is the deal, you have to make a conscious effort to stop in order for things to change.

Balance and priorities.

It is beyond sad that we don’t really focus on Thanksgiving anymore. Nope, we are already listening to Christmas music and decorating. Beyond sad. Stores are now open on Thanksgiving Day, even more sad. WE, as A SOCIETY have created all of this!

Inspirational Sayings!

We have to accept our part in the madness. If we didn’t participate then retailers wouldn’t profit and continue to push the envelope. We have to own up to the fact that we have created the stress, the loss of Thanksgiving and changed the focus of Christmas. Christmas is all about gifts and decorations. Whether you are religious or not, I think it is clear Christmas has exploded!! Even way back when, it is use to be a little less about STUFF and more about getting together. Spending TIME together and not needing special candles,garland,pretty craft displays along with every corner of your house lit up AND then gift upon gift upon gift. AND,then we wonder why so many Americans complain they lack FUNDS,hmm?

Now, please,we all know way back when life wasn’t perfect! Of course, there was decorations,gifts and a level of stress. Your typical family stuff. BUT, we decorated around December 15th and decorations came down on New Years day or a few days after the New Year. We visited and celebrated the entire week between Christmas Day and New Years Day. Now, people are so sick of Christmas, they take their stuff down on Christmas Day. WOW!! Missing the entire point. The kids are off school, you are suppose to enjoy the Holiday and visit with family and friends?

Anyway, it seems we rush into Holidays and then miss the point,don’t really focus on them. For example,by January, or the end of December we will start talking about, well, you guess? C’mon I bet you know. Yep,we will waste 5 weeks doing silly stuff for a tiny,little,spec of a Holiday. Yep, Valentines Day. Although,I think it is becoming as big as any Holiday. Silliness!!

What do we really value??

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

No need to answer any question today! What I wish for you is to reflect. Think about your finances, your true priorities and how you justify your Holiday Stress!! Most important,Be honest with yourself.


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