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INspired Action Journal

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Less is More

The beauty of living deliberately in harmony with the Law of Attraction is … Less is More.

No more trying a little harder to fix this, or make that work more perfect, or to starve off (or gain) those last 10 pounds.

No need to stretch yourself to visit every speed dating event, every business networking event, or every play date.

No effort to be all things to all people: your family, your spouse, your children, your boss, your neighbors, your friends, your community.

Instead, there is the still point, you and You. And in that harmony, you can feel your way to the inspired actions that are beneficial.

When you relax into the knowing that everything’s going your way, you discover the personal guidance available to you. It “occurs to you” to attend an event, a class or to buy a product. It just feels right. And the confirmation is something wonderful happens when you do: you experience an easy desired outcome.

That is inspired action. It is the action that occurs to you, the idea that tingles in your soul, the obvious next step that your soft, sweet Inner Voice alludes to.

Less is More… that is the essence of Law of Attraction in Action.



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Everything’s Going Your Way!

SusanJoy Grieco