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The Wise Fool Process of Forrest Gump 

Forrest Gump. The mere mention of this name instantly conjures images of found love at the Reflection Pool and exhilarating phrases like "Run, Forrest, Run."

The movie "Forrest Gump" is fine example of conscious storytelling. This 1994 film is so universal and timeless that it already stands beside "The Wizard of Oz" (1939) as a beloved classic. 

But what exactly is it about the character Forrest Gump that grabs our heartstrings?

I believe it is because the audience inherently recognizes "The Wise Fool" that he is.

What on earth is "The Wise Fool," you say? This is a character who is markedly different from others, considered to be flawed, not normal by society standards. But there is wisdom. The Wise Fool consistently chooses to accept the flow, in a child-like manner, moment by moment. Look at the movie and the definitionl is spelled out for you.

Gump is "flawed" by the world's standards. He is accused from an early age of being "stupid". He's too pollyanna, naive, gullible, too trusting, plain stupid. Yet, watch his magnificent story unfold... and see how he subtly infuses others with hope. It is dazzling to watch everyone rise to his simple, child-like ease of being.

Gump's quality of ease and positive expectation naturally causes Law of Attraction (LOA) to match him up with one rich life experience after another. And it happens effortlessly. Athletic prowess, college scholarships, introductions to heads of state, public recognition (which he shrugs off), the opportunity to help his fellow soldiers, more public acclaim (for which most enjoys ample amounts of Dr. Pepper soda,) an excuse to see the country on foot, the love of family, friends, wife, child and great wealth which he easily flows towards the family of a dead friend, keeping a promise, 50/50. 

Everything goes Gump's way because he relaxes, he expects things to be okay. He doesn't struggle with Life, he allows it.

Forrest Gump, The Wise Fool, gives people the benefit of the doubt. He responds naturally to his life experience with joy or anger for a short while. But he lets loose so easily. Gump does not flail about, struggle, or hold grudges. He goes with the flow, knowing everything is turning out alright. He is IN the Vortex, as Abraham says.

Sometimes John and I will say to each other, "Let's Gump It." It is the Forest Gump Process.

One such moment when we say to each other "Let's Gump It" is when we see our friends struggle very hard in life. Someone has convinced them that life is a struggle. They have been convinced that their survival depends on the approval of others, or the forced action of getting something or getting somewhere. Sometimes we sigh as we see friends make a "career" of complaining about a person, place or thing. It is particularly strange that they often do not yet see they are struggling. But they will. Eventually, it will get big enought that they have to say, " Oh, boy what am I doing. I am complaining, I am criticizing. I am struggling. I am defeating me. I gotta stop that."

You simply can never truly be happy when you insist on complaining or criticizing any person, place or things. "Just Gump It."

We are all meant to float in Life, like feathers in the wind. Take it from Forrest Gump.

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Everything’s Going Our Way!
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