Inspired by Fierceley Real Model's Attitude

Last week I ran into my old dance instructor and instead of a normal greeting like "Natasha how have you been," all I heard was "Lord, yuh get fat."  Usually, when people commit these verbal crimes, they catch themselves and back track a little, not this one.  He continued unfiltered "but yuh had a six-pack and a nice shape when you were dancing".  Ironically, in the middle of his diatribe he tried to convince me to return to his class. Dude, I don't think so.

I've been trying hard not to let his comments take up space in my head but in truth after our encounter, I began to feel a little self-conscious about my weight.  The weird thing is, I developed this wicked sweet tooth and I have been keeping it happy with daily offerings of chocolate sprinkled covered soft serve cones from the ice-cream truck that comes up my street every night.  To add to that, I have been pigging out on Kings Hawaiian sweet bread since I got back from the Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly last weekend. (People, seriously that bread is so good).

Out of guilt, today I made my way over to MELT Fitness where I ran into Joe, the owner of MELT. I have a kind of cougar crush on him and when I found out he was leading today's class, I just wanted to die.  To make a long story short, I sweated up a storm in the hopes that it would kick start my metabolism and promised to get into the gym more often. I stopped at my local supermarket on the way home and bought enough romaine lettuce to serve me for the next two weeks.

I had just sat down on my computer after completing my dinner of romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado (that was the only thing that tasted good) and carrots when I came across these photos of Candice Huffine a fiercely real model who covered the May 19th issue of Spain’s S Moda magazine.  I was like, look at that, she is size 14, happy, sipping on regular coke (not diet), happy, and is naked and happy on the cover of a major fashion magazine while I am here moping over my size 10 ass and eating rabbit food.  Maybe I should move to Spain or better yet, maybe I need to work on my comeback lines when the next person points out something to me that I am self-conscious about or uncomfortable with and not allow their comments to take up space in my head.

XoXo, Natasha



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