Inspired by Real Women

This is where I list the Top 5 women in my life that have inspired me to be the best person I can be.  My mom who spends much time on Pinterest and Liking all my photos on my facebook page, my mentor Heidi who helped me to grow as a person, the best former boss ever Julie who gave me her business to control for a year pushed me to fly and finally my Kathy-in-Law who with one lung climbed the Inca Trail with me. 

I am now thinking of pop stars that have songs that have motived me all the days of life, Madonna, Cher, Whitney Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Are these "Real" women? Do they care about me and you?

OH Crap…

Now I am feeling awful for not saying my grandmothers or my other friends that have picked me up when I am down. My best friend Megan is a singer/song writer and my "wife" is a friend I met on twitter. 

I will come back to this –

Who have inspired you? Family, friends, literary heros, talk show hosts, strangers on twitter?  

I want to know…                              (more soon from me)


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