Inspiring Lincoln

Brought tickets to see the movie Lincoln last night. The movie was nearly three hours long and Daniel Day Lewis took acting to a whole new level, he was incredible. Over the years I have enjoyed reading about Lincoln and last night I actually thought I saw him in the flesh for the first time.


I felt inspired by his belief and commitment to playing his part in history, and as any good movie maker knows (Steven S), the shift in power from a good movie to a great movie, is when the audience is moved to asked themselves a life shifting question – Mine was something like this, “What part of history have I carved out for myself?” I have chosen to evoke consciousness in leaders around the world. I believe with a conscious mind and purposeful heart, we all will live, love and act for the betterment of the plant.


I have the pleasure of working with conscious CEO's and Founders of organizations on a daily basis, wonderful men and women. None of them I am glad to say, have carried the burden Lincoln carried, approx 620,000 people died before the civil war came to an end, what a sobering thought, small wonder he looked older than his years.


The decisions we make day in and day out, speak volumes about us. I am grateful to have chosen the life I ordered, and I invite you to read a book or watch a movie every now and then, which will inspire you to curving out your place in history with ease and grace.