a few weeks off of instafriday for whatever reason i don't know, except for maybe the fact
that in the Christmas whirlwind i didn't take many iPhone photos?
toasted onion bagel sandwich... so good!

the boy on his little bike

sewing my heart on my sleeve

a trip to my happy place

i can't stop drinking this every. single. night. yum.

launched my web design studio this monday :)

Siri #fail. good for a laugh :)

for those of you who follow me on instagram probably know i have quietly started a new years resolution, only talked about through instagram.

building a habit of just showing up to the gym (yes, i have also been exercising).
getting out the door is actually the hardest part for me.
i have 1 million reasons not to go, and 1 million things to do... instead.

funny thing.
those 1 million things are still waiting for me when i get back :)

day 1. worked out with Phoenix and made a yummy smoothie after.

day 2. i made it.
day 3. loved this song to step to the beat on the stairmaster :)

i even took a shower at the gym. childcare is priceless.
love these new boots!!!!!

how was your week?
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