i was so busy last week that i forgot to snap some instagram. let me explain... my oldest is trying out for the high school cheer team (never you mind the fact that she's going to be a freshman in the fall - i'm still 27 and always will be). numbers alone prove there is a 50% chance for her to make the squad. exhale. so she has been working her tail off to hopefully make it, because she absolutely loves it. i can't tell you how she just lights up every time she performs. trying my best  to help her reach her tough goals and not to stress out, i have been rushing her around all over town to practice, practice, practice. i am proud of her and her hard work. we hope it pays off. we find out the results today. putting hair up high and tight for tryoutscheer hairshe's getting so tall, i have to stand on the toilet (i seem to stand on toilets a lot - let's keep that to ourselves) i almost took an instagram of the flowers for after tryouts and the bottle of wine i bought together -flowers for her, wine for me (calm down mama) know what i mean?!! exhale. when i do take some instagram (most other days) you can follow krystina_mmif you like. i hope your week was a bit less nerve racking than mine...


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