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The last thing I thought I needed when Instagram came around was another social platform. The answer to "If all of your friends download an app, does that mean you have to?" is, more often than I'd care to admit, "Yes." In this case it was a win, though, because it wasn't long before I realized that Instagram was exactly what I needed, as much as anyone can need a visually driven mobile social app.

This is a nicer, more roundabout way of saying that I am addicted to Instagram.

I've always been a writer, but I became a photographer around the same time I started blogging, and images have always been an important part of my posts. I became an active Twitter user, too, and I used TwitPics often. Instagram allowed me to put pictures first, and to combine them with words into what I've often called "Visual Twitter."


Sure, there are people who take great pains to construct Instagram grids as works of art, with careful attention to consistent filtering and photo subjects. I follow many of these people. I shoot portraits and landscapes with a DSLR as well as my iPhone, and I do love a gorgeous, well-composed, high-resolution "big camera" photo. But my favorite thing about Instagram -- both as I approach it and so do my favorite follows -- is its potential as a dynamic photo stream that reflects the every day, with or without captions that can be as long or short as you'd like. The improvement in mobile phone cameras also means that the pictures they turn out aren't too shabby, either, before you even touch them with a filter.


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