Instant Retraining for the New Business World

Instant Retraining for the New World

Stop Coping. Start Succeeding.

The old world is gone. GM is bankrupt. Citibank is on

the edge. The Office as we know it is being replaced by

The Internet. Companies, banks, entire countries and

economies are changing. It’s a whole new world and we

need a whole new way of succeeding in it.

Or maybe an ancient way. Millions of people are using the

wisdom of the Diamond Cutter Sutra–the oldest printed

book in the world–not only to cope with the changes, but to

ride them to a new peak in their careers and personal lives.

The Diamond Cutter is coming to LA. Join Michael Roach

and senior coaches from the Diamond Cutter Institute for

two evenings that will change your life forever.

Michael is the author of The Diamond Cutter, an international

bestseller about how he helped build a $250 million company,

with profits going to aid Tibetan refugee families.

Fri. & Sat., Aug. 27 & 28 from 7:30-9:30pm

$37 per evening or $60 for both nights


For more info, please email